Property Management

The Owner is the most highly motivated property manager. Self Storage Science was created by the team members of Grow Your Storage LLC to provide our on-site managers with a clear system for optimal operation and a means for continual improvement of skills. The GYS team has also made this program available to other self-storage entrepreneurs. We help independent self-storage owners enjoy their businesses, improve quality of the work environment for employees, and increase net cash flow by generating revenue and managing expenses. We accomplish this through our innovative series of learning modules, training exercises, and action items. This is an extremely effective method of owning and operating a self-storage facility. The program uses a proven step-by-step format to guide owners in the operation of their self-storage business.

Self Storage Science is for Owners who: 1) know that they could be getting more from their properties; 2) have tried various strategies for running their operations; 3) have not significantly increased revenue during a strong market (or don’t really know, for certain); 4) are worried how their facility will suffer during the next downturn which is inevitable; 5) don’t have a really good feeling about their self-storage asset; 6) are willing to consider following a program that will result in increased profit, better understanding of operations, and true ownership satisfaction.

Self Storage Science is for Managers who: 1) lack a clear direction for how to improve their business; 2) have been doing things the same way for too long; 3) wish they knew what to do in order to be a better manager; 4) would like more job security by being an essential part of the business; 5) are sincerely willing to try a program that will make them the top property manager in their market.

Here’s what you get: Increased revenue, appropriate expenses, thorough understanding of your asset, a system for continually improving your business.

What does Self Storage Science mean?

By science, we do not mean that this is the absolute, only way to run a self-storage business. There are plenty of other "experts" making that claim, and we emphatically disagree with their claim. We mean science in the classical sense of the word: systematic knowledge gained through observation and experimentation. We have earned a clear understanding of how to create and maintain best-in-market self storage properties by running them ourselves for the last two and a half decades. We have also worked for other owners as 3rd-party property managers, and we know why that doesn’t work.

We developed Self Storage Science to share our experience, knowledge, and system with other owner-operators. If you own one or a few self-storage facilities, this is a solution for your property management problems and challenges. Here’s what you get from us: 1) specific action items for your daily operations (not a book that will sit on your shelf and collect dust); 2) learning videos with critical information for owners and managers; 3) training articles about specific trouble areas; 4) consistent contacts from us that will hold you accountable.

Our 8 self-storage businesses are hugely successful because we have learned what to do and, we go out and do it everyday. More importantly, we know that what we are doing now will not keep us prosperous in the future. We are always taking that next step to improve and expand. Join us to make your self-property as exceptional as you once imagined it would be.  

Our system of Self Storage Science is also available to other self-storage entrepreneurs who are prepared to systematically improve their operations.