The GYS Team

Lee Fredrick serves as executive officer; Denise Bowley serves as officer of operations; Brandon Grebe serves as the officer of development. Patsy Bailey is the accountant and office manager. Charles P. Fredrick serves as the senior advisor.

Lee provides the executive management for the company. He has delivered property management services for between two and 13 self-storage facilities since 1996. At that time, he was also managing Fredrick Enterprises, Inc. dba Credit Bureau of Lufkin; this family-owned business was an Experian affiliate serving the central east Texas region. In the 90’s, each of the self-storage properties operated independently and operating procedures lacked uniformity. For five years, he worked to develop consistent procedures by sharing the most effective operating strategies at each location. After selling the Credit Bureau in 2002, he has focused exclusively on the improvement and growth of our self storage operations.

Lee Fredrick graduated from the University of Dallas in 1986. He received Master’s degrees from Duquesne University and the Florida State University. His area of specialization is industrial and organizational psychology, and he makes use of this background in facilitating managers to have more productive and satisfying work experiences. He has also earned his LEED Accredited Professional designation from the United States Green Building Council. He has worked in the self-storage business since 1995, and he has worked at all levels of operations, from negotiating purchases to sweeping out units. Lee coordinates with the operations officer on oversight of all store managers, and he manages the financial operations of the company. He also conducts the feasibility studies for acquisitions or new developments and he provides oversight on the construction of new facilities.

Denise Bowley is the operations officer for GYSLLC. She has developed her management skills in parallel with the development of the industry itself. Denise is licensed Texas real estate agent. She took over the management of a small facility in 1992, and she has overseen three expansions which have tripled the net rentable space to over 100,000 sq. ft. While running this highly successful location, Denise has cultivated a management system and style that is teachable to others and that is her primary role in the company. As the operations officer, she facilitates the professional growth of managers and staff so that they provide exceptional service to prospective and current customers. Denise also provides the critical administrative role of verifying that the properties are being run properly. Through site visits and audits, she ensures that all of the facilities are being maintained according to company objectives and good business practices. She trains our managers to run the facility with a sense of personal ownership and responsibility, and Denise backs them up by being available at all times to troubleshoot any challenge. GYS maintains the critical balance between the personal touch and the system of operational procedures; our program called Self Storage Science delivers a system of education and action combined with feedback and direction from our management team.

Brandon Grebe is the newest partner at GYS, having joined the team in 2016. Brandon provides the executive management of the real estate and development services for the company. He has had a focused career in commercial real estate development and construction management, and looks at each project as an enjoyable challenge to bring to realization by working with high performing teams. Prior to Brandon joining GYS LLC, he worked with a private commercial real estate investment and development company where he oversaw and managed projects to grow a real estate portfolio which was in excess of $100m. These projects consisted of a variety of asset classes and geographical locations mainly in Colorado and the BVI including; Class A+ office, multi-family, retail, restaurants, R&D labs, mixed use buildings, hangar space, flex/warehouse, industrial space, whiskey distillation facility, boutique Inn, and private resorts. He also held his general contractors license and was responsible for managing an in house team of project managers and superintendents to execute general contracting projects. Before that, he worked as a project manager for a regional general contractor that had an internal development department, in which he was the project lead on internal development projects including a project that won CCIM project of the year in 2009. Through hard work, building trusting relationships, and always looking for ways to improve, Brandon has enjoyed a fast paced career path that continues to grow and challenge him. His formal education includes undergraduate degrees in both Real Estate/Business and Construction Management from Colorado State University, as well an executive MBA from CSU that he finished in 2015. He has actively held his real estate license for 9 years and is LEED accredited.

Brandon oversees the company’s real estate development projects from the initial concepts through construction completion and project turnover. This includes site selection, acquisition, program development, financial modeling, due diligence review, feasibility analysis, design development, entitlement, project design, construction, construction systems, occupancy, quality control, staffing, budget management and scheduling. When Brandon is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 young children that he has been blessed with, and also enjoys golf, hunting/camping, and snowboarding.

Patsy Bailey is the office manager and bookkeeper for GYSLLC. Having worked as bookkeeper for over 48 years, she has extensive experience with efficiently managing and tracking the financial activities of small business. She has run her own accounting firm and has served as the head bookkeeper at Ken Smith, Casper & Associates for the 12 years prior to joining the team at GYSLLC. Patsy’s core responsibilities include payables, payroll, insurance, government reporting, and financial analysis during due diligence. Her addition to the company has increased our precision and efficiency in the operations of all facilities.

Charles P. Fredrick graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1958 worked as an agent and manager for American General Life from 1959 until 1994. He developed his first self-storage project in 1982 and has remained active in the industry. Charles founded Fredrick Enterprises, Inc., and he happily turned over all self-storage operations to Lee in 2002. He remains active in the ownership of 4 self-storage facilities. He brings the perspective and patience that are required to properly analyze opportunities and the associated risk.