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GYS General Contracting was established August 2nd of 2016. However, the body of experience behind it’s inception goes back decades. Lee Frederick (see complete Bio below), has been in the self storage industry for decades, and his experience informs the entire approach of the general contracting business. Every decision made or not made is directed at an end product that improves the user experience of our facilities – and the user experience directly translates to return renters.

While GYS General Contracting (GYS GC) is focused on building self storage facilities, the collective experience of the executive team touches on a diverse range of construction projects. Between David Harvey and Brandon Grebe alone (See full bios below) GYS GC has experience managing office, multi-family, retail, restaurants, R&D labs, mixed use buildings, hangar space, flex/warehouse, industrial space, a whiskey distillation facility, boutique Inn, private resort projects, medical office, large scale civil, super-markets and churches. With this broad spectrum of experience GYS GC can handle any construction project, but is equipped to handle self storage projects with a mastery specific to GYS GC.

Outside of the collective core competencies of the GYS GC team, there is the overriding company philosophy, which again, is aimed at understanding the owner/developer’s perspective. The owner/developer needs accurate, current, and honest communication about their projects. GYS GC will not over-promise and under-deliver, instead they will aggressively pursue the owner’s interest with a degree of transparency and clarity atypical of the construction industry.

The GYS GC business model is aimed at service and efficiency – our clients do not pay for exaggerated overhead. When negotiating the final contracts for a project, clients can see that part of GYS GC’s competitive pricing is paying only for the tools essential to managing the construction project. Nonetheless, the processes and procedures, the software and document control employed here were developed to compete with the largest construction firms today.


David Harvey is the company operations manager and will also serve as the project manager for this project. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Colorado College, a career in construction seemed unlikely. However, what started as carpentry side-work evolved into being the operations manager and PM for a small concrete contractor in Colorado Springs. Further advancement in the construction industry landed David as a project engineer and project manager for a diverse range of commercial projects including churches, office buildings, retail buildings, grocery stores, large civil projects and tenant improvement projects.

David has developed this company’s operations against his previous employment with larger general contracting companies. The result is that GYS GC has the document control, technology/software and administrative practices of a large construction firm with the attention, care and cost efficiencies of a small business. Additionally, David has the support of two senior partners with immeasurable construction and self storage development/management experience.

Lee Fredrick provides executive management and oversight for the company. He has delivered self storage property management services for between two and 13 self storage facilities since 1996. Lee Fredrick graduated from the University of Dallas in 1986. He received Master’s degrees from Duquesne University and the Florida State University. His area of specialization is industrial and organizational psychology, and he makes use of this background in facilitating managers to have more productive and satisfying work experiences. He has also earned his LEED Accredited Professional designation from the United States Green Building Council. He has worked in self storage at all levels of operations, from negotiating purchases to sweeping out units. Lee also conducts feasibility studies for acquisitions or new developments and provides oversight on the construction of new facilities against his experience managing the finished product. Lee helps GYS GC identify end-user problems before they occur and helps mitigate construction issues against his extensive experience managing/developing these facilities.

Brandon Grebe. Brandon also provides executive management and oversight for the company. Currently Brandon manages the real estate and development company targeting self storage projects, so his perspective is invaluable for GYS GC’s service orientation towards owners. He has had a focused career in commercial real estate development and construction management. Previously, Brandon worked with a private commercial real estate investment and development company where he oversaw and managed projects to grow a real estate portfolio which was in excess of $100m. These projects consisted of a variety of asset classes and geographical locations mainly in Colorado and the BVI including; Class A+ office, multi-family, retail, restaurants, R&D labs, mixed use buildings, hangar space, flex/warehouse, industrial space, whiskey distillation facility, boutique Inn, and private resorts.

Brandon also holds his general contractors license, along with David Harvey, and has previously been responsible for managing an in house team of project managers and superintendents to execute general contracting projects. Before that, he worked as a project manager for a regional general contractor that had an internal development department, in which he was the project lead on internal development projects including a project that won CCIM project of the year in 2009. His formal education includes undergraduate degrees in both Real Estate/Business and Construction Management from Colorado State University, as well an executive MBA from CSU that he finished in 2015. He has actively held his real estate license for 9 years and is LEED accredited.



Pre-construction: This is a project-specific function. Depending on the project we can offer pre-construction and pricing at no cost. Each project, each owner is unique and we will work with the project team to be certain our pre-construction helps propel your project forward.

Construction Management: We are full-service general contracting business. All we need is the approved drawing set and we will take the project from there. 

Regions: GYS GC is continually expanding into new regions and markets. Regardless of where your project is in the United States, GYS GC can build there. We hold Class A and Class B licences in multiple regions. All we need to know is where you want to build.


Pertinent Projects

  • Self Storage at Centerra Phase 2: 20,000 SF expansion to an existing facility in Loveland, CO. 
  • E. Woodmen Self Storage Phase 2: 18,000 SF expansion to an existing facility. 
  • Timberline Self Storage: New ground up facility with over 81,000 SF of building footprint across 11 buildings. 
  • Mesa Ridge Self Storage: New  ground up 81,000 SF facility across 10 storage buildings and an office building in Fountain, CO. 
  • Blackhawk Self Storage: 113,000 SF, 3-story self storage project in Houston, TX. 
  • South College Self Storage: 107,000 SF, 3-story self storage project in Fort Collins, CO.
  • A1 Self Storage Expansion: 10,000 SF additional building on an existing facility in Lufkin, TX. 
  • Maizeland Self Storage: New ground up 64,000 SF facility across 10 storage buildings and an office/apartment building in Colorado Springs, CO. 
  • Powers Self Storage: 107,000 SF, 3-story self storage project in Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Windsor Self Storage: 67,000 SF single story project across several buildings – this is the first phase of the project located in Windsor, CO. 
  • Laramie Self Storage: 62,000 SF single story project across several buildings – this is the first phase of the project located in Laramie, WY.


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